Eat foods high in enzyme content

Use natural ingredients in their freshest form possible and avoid processed foods. Ask yourself “was it once living and is it in its natural state, in season and fresh?”. Is it “as nature intended?.”

Reduce the biochemical destruction of cooking

Eat foods in their rawest form possible, or if cooked, lightly steamed, grilled or baked. Boiling destroys almost every vitamin and mineral. The emphasis is also on the use of minimal fat, sugar and salt content. I am often asked “how can you live on so little food, you must be starving?”. I do in fact eat less, but am eating better, and in return will live healthier, happier and longer.

We don’t actually need to consume large amounts of food to gain the nutrients and energy we need. Eating large amounts of processed foods or foods void of nutrients, may satisfy you for a while, but soon after your body is hungry again. Your body received no nutrients and is crying out for something nutritious. You always eat more on a diet of processed and denatured foods.