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If someone told you that you could experience all of the above and all you had to do was pop a pill 3 times a day, you would probably jump at the chance and ask “how much and where do I get it?”. If the answer was $50 a month you would probably say “when can I start”.

But if I told you I could give you all those same experiences for nothing, plus save you money on your grocery bills, you would probably say “no, that’s impossible, you’re crazy”.

“A diet” you might think, or reply “No not me, I’ve tried diets before they don’t work, I can’t stick to them. The food is boring”. But this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, that after reconditioning yourself and re-educating your mind and body, you will experience the above benefits and more.

I challenge you to come with me on this journey of self discovery. Create a new and exciting lifestyle for yourself. Sit back and listen to those around you comment on your new look, attitude, persona and positivity.

I am not telling you some thing that is new. Hippocrates proclaimed “Let thy food be thy medicine” more than 2,000 years ago. We only need to look back over the past in order to move into a bright new future.

My love and respect for Mother Nature has compelled me to eat this way for many years and she has paid me back ten fold with abundant energy, vitality and health. reports: Celebrity chef and 2010 TED Prize-winner Jamie Oliver is on a quest to combat childhood obesity. Despite running into an immovable object in the people of Huntington, West Virginia—regarded as the U.S.’s unhealthiest city—on his show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, the Brit appears to be having some impact on the children of his native land.

According to a recent story in The Guardian, Oliver’s Feed Me Better campaign, which he launched in 2004, has helped cut the number of absences typically attributed to illness by 15 percent in an area of southeast London. It also improved the number of students who reached proficiency on English standardized tests by 4.5 percent. The number of students who garnered the highest level in science went up by six percentage points.

Unfortunately, it appears that those students who come from poorer families are not benefitting from the intervention.

So while America, including David Letterman—who basically ridiculed Oliver’s efforts—remains resistant to dietary change, the U.K. may be showing the early signs of a real nutritional revolution.

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