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Life is too short to eat bad food.

My fondest childhood memory is of poking about in the back garden with Dad, picking fresh peas off the pod and sitting in the sun with him in the middle of summer, eating fresh peas completely raw. I think that’s why I’ve got such a passion for food, having seen it from a very early age, in my own backyard, being grown, being harvested, and of course eating it all raw.

My father is Italian, but as kids we didn’t really eat a lot of Italian food. Dad was a Captain on a big cruise ship, so from the moment he finished his university, he was traveling around the world. Mum on the other hand, came from the classic Australian upbringing of cooking steak and 3 veg Monday night, spag bol Tuesday night, schnitzel on Wednesday night and so on.

Then we she met my father – he said “no way – I want to have something different every night”. So we had Indonesian one night, Singaporean the next, Thai the next… Mum was always into recipes and making something new. So I grew up with a very different perspective on food. I guess that’s how I got to where I am today, so I dedicate this website to my Mum and Dad.

Nikki Malone, Dip Nutr, BHlthSc (ComplMed)